Bear Lodge, Mythic-owl Mountain, Tree Rock... The Devils tower has many names associated with it by numerous Native American Tribes.

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 The Devils tower in Wyoming was the first National Monument in America. There is a long history of this area and the Tower itself has great significance to the Northern Plains Indians and indigenous people. You can see a lot of useful information here.

 If you have a National Parks annual pass, you can use it to gain free entry to the Devils Tower. There is a decent amount of parking at the base of the Tower, and you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a space. They have bathrooms and a gift shop here you can check out.

View from the parking area
The devils tower

 There is a trail that you can take that will go around the base of the Tower. It is a fairly easy and short hike being only about 1.3 miles. You will most likely see some wildlife while on this hike. Look off the sides towards the valley or lower ground and you will probably see deer. I even found a snake slithering on by towards the end section of the trail.

The Devils Tower The Devils Tower The Devils Tower

 The views from the trail are not that great of the Tower since you are so close to it. Better views area had from the road leading up to the tower base parking lot. If you want to grab a picture that gives you a better view of the tower, I suggest pulling over before you get up to the tower. I didn't spend much time here since this was just a quick stop in between Mt Rushmore and my next destination, the city of Deadwood.

 There are more trails in the area and camping as well. The link above will send you to the right place to get more detailed information. Make sure to check this information if you plan on coming here in colder months, there are a lot of closures due to snow and cold weather in the area. I was here in summer, so didn't have any problems other than the monument being very busy.!

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close up view of the geology of The Devils Tower

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Do not disturb or remove the Native American prayer cloths you will see tied to trees around here

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Another Close up view of the cool rocks of the tower.

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try to spot the person. It will give you a sense of the scale of the Devils Tower.

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A look off in the distance away from the tower.

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The tower peeking through a clearing in the trees.

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