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Canyon Overlook Trail in Zion/Utah : A rather Short Hike, this trail leads to an awesome view at the edge of a very steep drop.!

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Fees: Free to hike once you are inside Zion

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Decent parking across the street and up the road, short but scenic hike, quick if you are in a hurry

Detailed GPS Data

 The canyon overlook trail in Zion is a fairly easy and short hike to do. It is among some of the first hikes you will encounter when you enter Zion from the east entrance off the 9. There is a decent amount of parking here, with a little on both sides of the street right before you go through a short tunnel. The hike starts off with a short climb up some stairs and then levels out. You will be hugging a rock wall with a drop off to your left. You get up to a cool rock overhang on the right hand side that can be a great place to take a break when its hot, or get some shelter when it is raining, a common occurrence here.

the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail

 One time I hiked this, there was a group of Native Americans doing a chant and dance here. I'm not sure what it meant, but it was interesting to see. After a little more elevation gain, the trail opens up to a wide area that is fully open above you. There are a couple different ways you can go from here, just keep going in a general straight ahead direction, and you will get to the overlook point.

 You will know you made it when you reach the small metal fence and information sign and when you look out and see that amazing view of the road cutting through Zion below.! The view from this overlook can vary greatly depending on time of day and weather. You can see by my photos how much it changes. Rain has given me some great images of this area. And as the night comes, you can get some cool long exposure shots of cars on the road below that leave long light trails.

The weather can change the views of this place dramatically, take a look...
the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail
a few Panoramics of the Overlook
the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail the Canyon Overlook trail

 Bring A flashlight with you if you are hiking this towards sunset. You may think you will make it back to your car in time, but it can be hard to pull yourself away from the view, and you might find yourself out here after the sun has retreated below the horizon. If you do get stuck out here in the dark, stick to the left as you head back to your car. To the far right, there are no railings and a pretty steep drop to the canyon floor below. Be careful too when it has been raining. I slipped fairly hard getting back to my car but was able to use my body to protect my camera gear, always my top priority.! Cuts and Bruises heal, camera lenses stay cracked and broken.!

the Canyon Overlook trail
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The Gps data below is for one leg of this trail, the hike from the car out to the overlook point. The true length of the hike, round-trip is double this, about 1.5 miles. This trail has been problematic to my GPS in certain areas and usually causes erratic waypoints to be logged. This was the most accurate data I could find going through my logged tracks.

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