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Grand Wash in Capital Reef - Utah : My Favorite Hike in the Capitol Reef National Park. Cool Geology and narrow canyons will make you feel like you are in a mini Zion Narrows.

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Trail Head Location: Off Route 24 inside Capital Reef National Park

Fees: Free to hike once in the park

Trail Length:


Temperature Data(F°):

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Fairly Easy Hike, Level trail, family Friendly, Hot in summer months, wear Hats and sunscreen

Detailed GPS Data

 The grand Wash trail is a really fun hike to check out if you are in or around the Capital Reef National Park Area. This might remind you of The Narrows in Zion, just on a much drier and smaller scale. Along this hike you will have numerous areas where the trail tapers down to a narrow pathway and then opens back up into wider spaces.

 When I did this trail, it was during a hot and dry time, so be prepared for a lot of heat and sun for most of the hike. You may or may not encounter some small pools of water on this hike depending on the time of year. There is always a possibility of flash flooding in these canyons though, so check the weather forecast if you can before entering any narrow canyons.

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Along the Grand Wash trail you will see a lot of interesting geology, from cool shaped boulders, to colorful stained rock walls. Check out the photos and see for your self. If you look at my gps data, you might notice some erratic areas. This is common when recording gps data in narrow canyons where the unit might not have enough of a sky view to keep connections with multiple satellites. The recorded trail is pretty accurate still, and has useful information like elevation.

 This turned out to be one of my favorite hikes I did during that summer's road trip. I would absolutely recommend checking out this trail if you get a chance. The overall trail is pretty smooth and not much of an elevation gain. This makes the Grand wash a Hike that can be done by most any skill level hiker, including older bones and younger kids. I would wear a good sun-blocking hat on this trail, and just about any trail in Utah during summer months. They help a lot.!

 There is another trail head you could park at if you get off the 24 near Fruita and go down Scenic drive. Look for the Cassidy Arch Trail Head on the map if you want to try getting there. It is definitely easier to start at the trailhead location marked in my gps data.

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The start of a narrowing section.

Where are you.?

I love the patterns on Utah Rocks.!

Where are you.?

An area where the trail opens up.

Where are you.?

a cool rock wall to get a little shade from.

Where are you.?

just about the only water I saw on this hike.

Where are you.?

another place you could grab some shade.

Where are you.?

This is around where I turned around.

Where are you.?

I like this big boulder

Where are you.?

another view of an open section of the trail

Where are you.?

plenty of storage in this wall.

Where are you.?

This is a Hot and sunny trail. Wear a good hat.! I am hiding in the shade for a short break.!

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