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Red Canyon Trail - Bryce Area/Utah : To the West Of Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon is a great place to start stretching your hiking legs!

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Trail Head Location: Outside of Bryce Canyon off the 12west

Fees: Free All Around

Trail Length: A Pretty Short Section


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Fun for everyone, steep sections so keep a close eye on young hikers!

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 The Red Canyon trail is a very fun and unique area to explore. The section of the trail I have here plotted with my gps is not a very large area, but it offers some varied terrain, some being rather steep climbs and a number of areas you can do a little climbing. This reminded me of just a large Rock Jungle Gym for adults and kids to scramble around on. You can see in the Map data that there are many trails in this area that could be combined with this small section to extend your hike into something formidable. If you are heading to Bryce or on your way out, I would definitely stop here for an hour and check it out.

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 There is a visitors center very close by east of the trail head if you need to get any information or use a restroom. This trail head has plenty of parking, so there should be no problems getting a space close by. I did this in mid summer and the daytime temps were in the mid 90's. If you sunburn easily, then wear some sunscreen. There isn't much shade anywhere on this trail. Towards the start of the trail, there are trees but that luxury goes away shortly and you are pretty much on top of sun soaked rock formations for the rest of this hike.

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 There are some very nice views of the surrounding area from the tops of these rocks. If you are leaving Bryce after spending time hiking the Amphitheater, you might be a little underwhelmed by this area, it would be hard to compete with the views Bryce has to offer. If you can, check this out first to get your hiking boots warmed up and then head on to the main feature of the area, Bryce Canyon.

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Taking a break and soaking up the sun

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It's sunny out here. Almost no trees or shade, so be prepared.

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Looking at the trail from the parking area across the street

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Looking back at the parking lot from half way up the trail

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More of the scenic views you will find here

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A lower spot at the start of the trail. There are some trees towards the ground level on this trail.

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