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Upper Inspiration Point - Bryce Canyon : If you are looking for those Iconic Bryce Canyon views, this is the trail for you.

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Trail Head Location: Inside Bryce

Fees: Pay to drive into the park, free to Hike once inside

Trail Length: 1.8 Miles round-trip


Temperature Data(F°):

Date Hiked:

Easy Hike, Wheelchair accessible, Great Views, Sunset Lighting makes for great Photography

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 Upper Inspiration point has some excellent views of the Amphitheater. I wouldn’t consider this much of a hike, by most people’s definitions. It’s more of a nice walk along the edge of Bryce Canyon. You can walk the Rim trail from where I started, the Sunset Point Parking area, which gives some very nice views. Or if you are in a hurry to just get to the destination, Inspiration point, you can drive to the parking area that will put you very close to the scenic overlook.

 Regardless of which path you decide to take, you are going to see some pretty amazing scenery around here. If you are here mainly for photography, be prepared to be using your camera very frequently.! This trip into Bryce was my first, and It was such an impressive sight to get to see in person.

 I initially did the longer version of this and walked along the rim trail from Sunset Point, stopping halfway to eat a sandwich looking over the edge of the canyon. When I wanted to come back later for some sunset photography, I chose to park right at the end to make it easier to get the camera gear up to the Lookout area. The temperature was perfect when I was here, a low 72 average. I did this late in the evening, so it will be hotter if you are doing this trail during mid day, unless you are here in the colder weather months.

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If you are here for a photography trip, try to spend at least a few full days in the area. You will want more than one opportunity to get sunrise and sunset images of the Canyon. You can see a variety of different skies and lighting in the few samples I put up, and the atmospheric conditions and time of day can make huge differences in what the Amphitheater looks like. The day I drove out of Bryce, I got about 10 minutes outside of the park and a massive rain storm moved in bringing great looking clouds over the Canyon. I almost turned around to re enter the park just to see what kind of pictures I could get, but I was on a schedule and had to get onto the next destination.

 I should have taken the time to check it out. You should never pass up a chance to take a good photograph, the opportunity might never come again, literally.

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Another view down into the Canyon, the hoodoo's look so cool from up here

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Sunset will provide beautiful views, and photo Ops of Bryce Canyon

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Is it just me, or does that look like a Simpson's Character.?!

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Heading back to the car, the sun is down and the night is on its way

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