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The Queen's Garden Hike in Bryce : A perfect way to see the Iconic Amphitheater from the inside down at ground level.

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Trail Head Location: Bryce Canyon National Park

Fees: Pay to drive into the park, free to Hike once inside

Trail Length: 1 hour 45 min to complete


Temperature Data(F°):

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A good amount of parking, bring enough water and sunscreen in summer months

Detailed GPS Data

 The Queen’s Garden Loop is a wonderful way to see the Heart of Bryce Canyon, down at its core. As beautiful as Bryce Canyon looks from above while walking the rim and looking down into the canyon, it has incredible views to offer anyone willing to hike down into.

 You will find ample parking on the road leading up to the trail head, and if you keep going down the road, you will come to the North Campground General store, where you can pickup any snacks, water, sunscreen or anything else you may have forgotten to bring! I Highly recommend bringing enough water on this hike. What is enough is up to you. When I hiked this, the temperature went up into the triple digits, and I drank my entire 100 Oz Osprey pack down to the last few drops! You can see the exact route I took, which is a common loop to travel, in the gps data on the map.

 The Queen’s Loop has a number of trails that connect to it, so if you have the time and energy to do a longer trail, you could add the Fairyland Loop trail into this one. I unfortunately did not get to do this addition on this trip, so all the Images you see here were taken solely on the Queen’s Garden loop.

 Plan about 2 hours to get through this hike. You can easily do it faster, but you will want to stop and take pictures or at least look around and enjoy this extremely unique scenery.

 The start of the hike is a fairly steep descent on a smooth trail down into the Canyon. For the most part, this trail is pretty level and not very rough or uneven. As you get towards the end of the Canyon area, you will have to hike up a back-and-forth switchback at Sunset Point that was fairly tiring considering how hot and sunny it was on that day.

If you only get to do one hike in Bryce, I would definitely consider the Queen’s Garden loop. It’s in the heart of the Canyon, it’s not too long but not too short, and you get to hike a section of the rim trail on your way back to the car allowing you to look down into the Canyon, as well as hike the floor of this natural wonder!

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 I would also avoid this trail in the mid day hours. Aim for an earlier hike to avoid scorching mid day heat, if you are here in the summer months. If you time it right, you could hike in the evening and be coming up to the rim section of the trail right before sunset and get some spectacular views of the Canyon as the Sun light rakes across the tops of the Hoodoo’s. The time of day and the angle of the sun can make a huge difference in the appearance of the Amphitheater. To see what I mean, go here and look at how much the lighting changes the images.!

 I haven't gotten a chance yet to get back to Bryce Canyon, but Would love to hike this area again during some winter months when there is snow on the ground. The winter images I have seen of the Canyon look beautiful, and hope to be back out there during this time of year to see it, and photograph it, for myself.

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The Hoodoo's are all around you on this hike

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A small doorway through the rock wall awaits ahead.

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Looking up can reveal some cool sights

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Narrow spaces are few, but fun when you get to them

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Back and Forth, Back and Forth if you want to get to the top.!

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A view looking down into the Amphitheater

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And another view showing you the sites you will see when traveling to Bryce

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