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Mossy Cave Trail Hike : A short drive from Bryce Canyon National Park, The Mossy Cave trail hike is short and sweet and easily accessible for almost any hiker.

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Trail Head Location: Outside of Bryce Canyon in Utah

Fees: free to park and hike

Trail Length: a short 1 mile hike


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Easy Hike, family Friendly, bathrooms at trail head.

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 This is a pretty short Hike that can be enjoyed by just about anyone regardless of hiking experience. If you are staying in or around Bryce Canyon and want an easy trail, I would recommend checking out the Mossy Cave trail. If you are a die hard hiker and like challenging terrain, You can probably skip this one ;-)

 The trail is a short drive east of the main Bryce Canyon entrance, you can see in the map below, or copy and paste the gps coordinates from the “Quick Look” section into Google maps to be taken right to where I parked. If you are on the 12 heading east, go past the Bryce entrance off the 63, and you will hit the Trail in a few miles on the right hand side. There is a decent amount of parking and Bathrooms at the trail head.

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 The name of the trail might be a little misleading or disappointing to some of you once you get to Mossy Cave. You can’t go into it, and it is more of an overhang of rock than a cave. There is a little informative sign there and it shows the “cave” can fill up with ice and would look pretty cool to see in person. I have only hiked this location in summer months and the ice had already melted away. It is a bit of a steep hike for a short distance when you branch left to go to mossy cave, so if you are with older hikers with any sort of hip problems, they might want to wait for you to come back down. Take a picture and they can enjoy it when you get back.

You can go to the right, away from the cave, and see a waterfall. It may or may not be flowing a high volume of water, depending on the time of year you go. The waterfall is about a 15 foot drop into lower pools. If you hike above the waterfall, you can go up stream and explore. Check out the satellite view of the map and you can see a bunch of trails that go along the creek that look like they would be fun to explore.

 I included a number of pictures of the trail and surrounding area so you can get a good sense of what this trail has to offer, and you can decide if you want to go check it out yourself. Notice there is not a picture of the Cave anywhere… Well, yes there are images of the cave, it just doesn't look like a cave at all..! Ha, The area is nice though, and if you like to walk along rivers or creeks, this is a nice place to go.

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A closed down trail runs off in the distance

Where are you.?

Getting down close to the water.

Where are you.?

There is a lot of water around this trail

Where are you.?

Towering Red and Orange rocks line the Utah Skyline

Where are you.?

Me.! Sometimes you want proof you were there

Where are you.?

Well, here is the "cave"....

Where are you.?

not much of a cave, but still something of interest to see

Where are you.?

and another, closer view.

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This sign will greet you near the parking area

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Another informative sign on this trail

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Cool image of ice formations in the Mossy Cave.

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