REVIEW: Garmin Oregon 600 Gps Unit

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Created on : Mon Jan 28 2019 21:15:33

Last Updated : Thu Feb 07 2019 00:09:49

 I have been using my Garmin Oregon 600 for about 4 years now and it still comes with me on every road trip and trail I hike. I was able to get the unit on a great sale price from REI many years ago, and it is still a great unit that is available today. I won't go into too many specifics of the unit, but it does most everything you can expect from a hand-held gps.

 You can add little sensors that are available from Garmin to extend the capabilities of the system. I personally added the Temperature sensor and it is pretty cool to have it log the temperature of all your hikes. You will notice in the trails section of the site that most of the trails have a "detailed Gps" button to press. When you do, this is loading the gpx file from each hike and extracting the Gps track points and all associated temperature readings.

 You can also download the Garmin Base camp software for free, and use it to look at your track data which can be pretty cool too.

 The unit seems to be pretty accurate in most scenarios except when you get into areas with a lot of tree coverage and canyon type terrain. I don't know too many Gps units that could keep an accurate track when loosing contact with satellites, so this is to be expected. If this occurs and you want to edit your track data, you can download another software called "Gps track Editor" and this allows for a lot of manipulation of your gpx files.

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 Another use for the unit is to track your jogs or runs. I use it often to track my runs and compare it to my phone data. The two are usually pretty close, but I do not know which one is more accurate.? I would assume a dedicated Gps unit would be more accurate than a cell phone that has Gps capabilities.

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My Garmin Oregon 600 gps unit

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