REVIEW: The Nitecore P12GT 1000 Lumens Flashlight

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Created on : Mon Jan 14 2019 22:25:24

Last Updated : Thu Jan 30 2020 23:43:50

 The P12GT model from Nitecore is the latest addition to my Led flashlight collection. This is one bright unit.! As a matter of fact, it is now the highest output Flashlight I own! At 1000 lumens, this small device comes in at 40 lumens higher than my SRT7 model by Nitecore.

 The P12GT is a very compact device for how bright it is. I really like the dimensions of this flashlight. The unit is one inch in diameter all the way from the front to the end, making it feel significantly more streamlined than other flashlights that taper or flare in some sections of their bodies. The body itself is only about double the length of the 18650 rechargeable battery I am using with it.

 Like other Nitecore Flashlights I have used, this one feels very well machined and durable. The threads on the battery compartment fit perfectly and feel very smooth and secure when opening and closing the battery compartment, leading me to be very confident in the waterproof claim printed on the box(up to a 2 meter depth). The rear switch can be used as a momentary switch to engage the led without fully turning on the unit. A full press of the switch will turn the flashlight on for continuous output.

 The P12GT has a mode switch near the front end of the device for cycling through the different light output options. There are 4 brightness settings you can cycle through, as well as strobe mode that can be enabled by holding down the mode button for a little more than a second. While in this blindingly bright strobe mode, trust me, avoid looking at it, you can enable an SOS mode by holding down the mode button again for another second, and another beacon mode, by holding down the mode button for another second. The beacon mode will blast a flash of light for a very brief moment every 2 seconds.

 The unit has an option for checking how much battery power is left by holding down both the mode button and the power button while the light is off for a period of a few seconds. Once you do this, there will be a blue led light flash under the mode button that tells you the voltage. It will flash a few times, then pause for a second, and flash a few more times. The code breaks down like this. If it flashes 4 times, then pauses, then flashes one time, the battery is holding at 4.1V. This is kind of cool, but more of a novelty to me. I know my flashlight is in need of a recharge when no more light comes out of it ;).

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Heed the warning. This 1000 Lumens device can get hot.

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