REVIEW: NITECORE SRT7 Revenger 960 Lumens Flashlight

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Created on : Sun Jan 06 2019 22:46:24

Last Updated : Mon Feb 11 2019 22:55:35

 Well I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I have found a new favorite Flashlight.! The SRT7 Revenger from NITECORE is a 960 Lumens Ultra high intensity tactical LED flashlight with many features packed into its small form factor. Lets get into these features right away. The coolest one for me on this flashlight is the smart selection ring. All the different modes are cycled through by turning a ring. There are 7 modes to choose from with this device. It starts off with a slow strobe, a flash of ultra bright light approximately every 2 seconds then turn the ring and an emergency flashing red/blue mode that strobes and alternates from the red and blue led’s activates. Then there are solid blue, green, and red modes, then it goes into a completely variable intensity from 0 to 960 lumens of pure white light, and the final mode is a fast strobe of the ultra bright white light.

 Other features are a 5 year warranty( i consider it a feature), submersible to 2 meters, and a drop resistance from 1.5 meters. What is really cool about this light is the variable intensity through the range of 0 to 960 lumens for full brightness. It is nice to have the ability to set any brightness and not be limited to a 3 way switch set at low – mid – high levels like the majority of other flashlights. The red comes in handy for night time use as well as the green for map reading. I do a lot of astro photography and it is nice to be able to set it to the red mode and have something other than my headlamp to use to get around my equipment.

 As far as build goes, it feels really solid. It comes with a number of accessories like a belt holster and an extra rubber button cover and a pocket clip and O rings.

 I have somewhat replaced my Nebo Redline se with this new Nitecore flashlight. The one and only thing this new SRT7 lacks that the redline had is a focus-able beam.! It would have been the total package had they integrated a focus ability into the SRT7. That being said, below is a super scientific comparison of the beam intensities between the two flashlights. And by super scientific, I mean I propped the two units up on a pillow on my unmade bed to shine up on the wall to get a brightness comparison. Hey it works… Ha. The Srt is the beam on the left, the very focused point of light on the right is the Redline.

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The SRT7 Revenger with included carry case and strap. The Rechargeable 18650 Battery is Optional

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