REVIEW: NEBO's Redline 5620 310 Lumen Flashlight

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Created on : Sun Jan 06 2019 21:31:43

Last Updated : Thu Jan 31 2019 03:08:23

 Hi all, This quick review is for an Led Flashlight I purchased a month ago. I never heard of this company or product until seeing a post on another page and I am glad I googled the name and found this light. I love gadgets, electronics in general, and just about anything with bright LEDs.

First Impression: When I opened up the box from Amazon, this gadget came in some very nice packaging. Almost Apple-ish with a clear sturdy acrylic enclosure and just a real nice presentation. Once I got it out of the packaging It was quickly clear that this is one solid flashlight.! Feels very rugged and I’m confident that it will last awhile.

The Features: Let me run through these quick. This is a VERY bright LED powered flashlight that is 310 lumens. Who knows exactly what that means but I can tell you it is extremely bright for such a small light. The coolest feature and the main reason I purchased it is that this powerful beam of light is focus-able from a wide flood style light to a spot light beam. With a quick turn of the front ring it goes from wide to concentrated. When in spotlight mode, this beam is visible a good 100 yards in the area of the city I live in at night. I have tested it briefly on some distant tall buildings and you can clearly see it light them up a good 2 to 3 city blocks away and that is with light pollution from the streets. If you were using this out camping in a truly dark area then I assume this light would be much more visible.

 This unit also has a magnetic base so you can stick it to a wall or ceiling for hands free operation if there is some metal nearby. The push button to turn the unit on also glows in the dark for a bit which is a nice novelty. Another novelty, but a cool one, is the red ring towards the front of the unit that glows with different brightness levels depending on the mode the unit is in. You can turn the “stealth ring” to hide the red line but I like the look of it.

 There are 5 modes of operation. 10%, 50%, 100%, 100% “S” mode for stunner(blinks very fast), and 100% SOS mode. There is a belt clip integrated in the unit and a front Aggressive self-defense face. This is actually a great unit to carry at night for self defense purposes. In S mode if someone where to approach you aggressively at night and you flash their eyes they will no doubt be blinded for a good 10 seconds and with the hard metal front face you can use your imagination what you could do with it. 

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