About NTTW

Here is a little info about the site and why it exists...

Hello Readers!

 This is the new and improved version of the Nose To The Wind blog site I launched way back in early 2013. I did not keep that site very updated and active, and it was a few years of inactivity while I was busy doing other things not travel related! I now have completely redone the site from the ground up, learning how to write web code from front end to back end, and have made the site into what I always wanted it to be. I hope this new version brings some enjoyment to readers and helps to inspire future travel in you!

 Any reviews you see on this site are of products I have bought and personally use in everyday scenarios and road trip adventures. All photography on the site has been taken by me, using camera's ranging from the low end built-in camera on my cell phone, to Canon's 5dMII, Sony's A6000 and my current favorite cam, the Pentax K1. Every destination is a place I have been to and experienced in person. I write a few things down while on my road trips into a sort of journal, and now I post what I jotted down for you to see. It is fun to re read through those pages months and even years after being somewhere and remembering something you would have otherwise forgotten.

 Take a look around and check out the area's I have written about. Make sure to look at the trails section if you are going to be hiking in any of these areas, most of the trails have detailed Gps data available and maps that show the routes and trail head locations and of course, many photos to give you a good idea of what you will see if you choose to go to any of these destinations yourself.

 As a side note, you will see links to some products and services, most of these are affiliate links, so I will make a small amount of money if you decide to make a purchase of any of the items reviewed here. This is the only way I fund the site and it keeps it free to look at. If you are feeling generous and like what you see, you can make a small donation to help feed the web servers and keep NTTW online through one of the PayPal buttons! A few images you click on will also take you to my dedicated photography site where images are available for purchase in various sizes and mediums. Check it out if you want to see higher resolution versions of some of the photography located throughout this site, it's free to look around and has more content than this blog.

 I hope you have a good time reading and happy trails to you.!